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B2B digital commerce and marketing proposition
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Navigating Brand Owners Through Ebusiness Complexity

ModusLink is probably best known for its global supply and logistics solutions. Their status as market leaders drive continual innovation in their Adaptive Supply Chain Services to better serve their increasingly complex client needs.

One key growth area is in digital marketing and e-commerce, managed by a new dedicated Digital Commerce Team. This team supports global brands through the complexities of business with services for e-commerce infrastructure, enhanced payment services, subscription services, and customer contact centers.

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CommerceCentric ModusLink

CommerceCentric ModusLink

The Challenge

Being a newer business unit they were struggling to define a marketing proposition that would cut through in a competitive market and appeal to a wide variety of potential business and global industries. They were also keen to explore the potential of content-based inbound marketing campaigns but had little in-house experience to leverage.

The Solution

Engage Directly with the Target Market to Generate Quality Sales Leads. Our brief was to review all of the Digital Commerce Team’s current and potential marketing and communications channels to find the optimum mix for reaching the target market. The steps were:

  • Creating a new dedicated website and marketing copy

  • Writing bespoke services sales collateral

  • Conducting a CRM database cleanse

  • Implementing a B2B inbound lead generation campaign via HubSpot

CommerceCentric ModusLink

The Approach

We delivered in four phases:

1. New website and marketing copy

2. Services sales collateral

3. Database cleanse

4. Inbound lead generation

New Website and Marketing Copy

Working with ModusLink Digital Commerce’s internal developers we helped deliver new content for their dedicated digital services website. Starting with creating a site map we then crafted all new copy designed to tell the story of ModusLink and give the correct level of technical understanding to their complex service offering. In addition, we helped further define their overall proposition and brand messaging to better convey their ability to simplify the complexities of global ecommerce.

Services Sales Collateral

For Sales and internal use, we created several product marketing sheets that helped further define the services and allowed sales teams to have in-depth material to share with potential clients. These worked as stand-alone communications as well as hand-outs at trade shows etc.

CommerceCentric ModusLink

Database Cleanse

Working with the central ModusLink team we helped clean up their existing client database that had been built up over several years. During this time records had aged and become less relevant or addressable. Through a process of analysis, re-permissioning, and optimisation we created a much healthier and targeted base of records that the whole company can use going forward.

Inbound Lead Generation

Finally, we implemented a new inbound lead generation strategy for the Digital Commerce Team. Utilising their HubSpot platform, social media, and website we created several campaigns to position ModusLink Digital Commerce as a thought leader in their space. They are now able to capture high-quality business leads specifically targeting the correct personas for their services and driving qualified sales conversations.

The Results

Brand positioning statements, marketing, and sales content position ModusLink and their best-in-class propositions at the forefront of digital marketing and e-commerce for global businesses. An up-to-date CRM database that is fully engaged with and receptive to ModusLink’s marketing communications. An inbound marketing process that generates quality sales leads.

Michel DaSilva, ModusLink’s General

The manager for eBusiness had this to say: “The ModusLink Digital Commerce Team see CommerceCentric as their trusted marketing partner with a great team of experts and a focus on results”.