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Very little local awareness of Humble Bundle. No localised marketing assets, no local social media platforms set-up, and no access to local paid media platforms.

Need to navigate local government approvals and provide documentation. Require help with localising their marketing content and website for Chinese customers.






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CommerceCentric Humble Bundle

CommerceCentric Humble Bundle

The Challenge

Humble Bundle faced significant hurdles in penetrating the Chinese market, with very little brand recognition locally. This was compounded by a lack of localised marketing materials, the absence from Chinese social media, and inaccessibility to local paid media channels. Additionally, navigating government regulations and obtaining necessary approvals posed considerable challenges. There was a critical need for localisation of marketing content and the website to cater to the Chinese audience. 

The Solution

The primary objective was to boost Humble Bundle's brand awareness within China, particularly focusing on its monthly subscription service, Humble Choice. The strategy aimed to leverage local social and paid media platforms to drive brand recognition and sales. 

A tailored marketing strategy for China was developed, encompassing extensive market research, management of paid and social media within China, and localisation of creative content.

CommerceCentric Humble Bundle

Developing a Local Website Strategy

Managing government and creative approvals. 

Providing continuous support and reporting for all marketing activities in China.

Social Media Management in China

Establishment of official Humble Bundle accounts on popular Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat, Bilibili, and Weibo. 

Implementation of daily localised posts to attract and engage followers. 

Launch of unique campaigns for Chinese festivals, like the Chinese New Year and the Double Eleven shopping festival. 

Maintenance of trust and open communication with the community through prompt responses to queries and posts. 

CommerceCentric Humble Bundle

Paid Media and Localisation Strategies

Creation of a comprehensive media strategy for Humble Bundle in China. 

Execution of Search and Display campaigns to enhance sales and brand visibility across key media. 

Coordination of paid social media initiatives to boost follower growth, reach, and engagement. 

Advice on localised copywriting and user experience enhancements. 

Production of localised creative assets, including promotional videos for Humble Choice, social media campaign posters, and paid media graphics. 

Publication of detailed articles on Humble Choice monthly games, game bundles, store promotions, and titles. 

The Results

The introduction of Humble Bundle in China exceeded all expectations, achieving remarkable success. The initiative was extended indefinitely due to its substantial growth in revenue and user base, solidifying Humble Bundle's position as a leading choice among Chinese PC gamers. 

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