Case Study

Home Appliance Ecommerce Store

Re-design the homepage and consumer journey of a Direct-to-Consumer Shopify ecommerce store


The Funky Appliance Company asked CommerceCentric to review their existing homepage and related customer journey through to the shopping cart. As a fast growing consumer home appliance brand The Funky Appliance Company was keen to showcase both the quality and uniqueness of their brand to customers entering the site, while also reducing friction and steps to cart for customers wishing to make a purchase.

The Challenge

CommerceCentric where tasked with redesigning the homepage within the constraints of the existing design theme. The goal of this redesign was to refresh the look and feel of the page, while at the same time increasing shopper interaction and subsequent conversion into a sale.

The Project

The Funky Appliance Solution Overview

The project consisted of two main areas, each with its own particular challenge and all requiring agile and cost efficent UX planning.

  • homepage art design
  • Consumer Journey
D2C Wireframe

We created multiple wireframes, followed by full mock-ups. This provided The Funky Appliance Company with an in-depth understanding of the new design concept. Taking this approach also assisted the team to walk the client through a visual representation of the end-to-end user experience flow.


process infographic

Commerce Centric Solution Consulting

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Navigation Bar

We redesigned the navigation bar to support a new centrally positioned logo and simplified single-line menu drop-down. The goal of implementing the new logo and revised menu format was to emphasise brand positioning and quality.

Rotating Banner

The top banner is the first page element seen by shoppers arriving on the site through the homepage. Data suggests that it takes 0.05 seconds for a shopper to form an opinion about a website. With this in mind, it was very important to get the look, feel and content of the rotating banner absolutely correct. To meet these objectives we built a rotating banner that could illustrate both images and videos. The aim of this build was to support several individual banners with strong visual CTA's, encouraging consumers to extend their journey through the cart and onwards to order completion.

Optimise Product and Review Section

According to research, only 26% of shoppers scroll past the page fold to the bottom section of the page. Therefore it is very important to create simple and clear content for this section to encourage shoppers to read and click further to the next stage in the purchase funnel. We also reduced the blank space in-between various page sections in order to show more content. In addition to this we also modified the layout of review banner to emphasise the logo and tagline.

website image
website image

Project Build and Testing

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Once we put the homepage structure in place, we where then able to review and optimise the customer journey from the homepage.

Post Launch

website image

Upon completion and launch of the new homepage, we continued to monitor the performance of the page for bugs on various browsers and devices. We completed a series of live orders to assist with post launch regression analysis. A full roll-back plan was also put in place but not required. The project launch was a huge success.

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