Durex Case Study
Durex case study

Case Study

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Durex - Affiliate Management

Helping Durex grow their Direct-to-Consumer proposition in multiple territories using Affiliate Marketing.


Reckitt Benckiser wanted a D2C agency with affiliate management experience to launch their affiliate proposition across multiple European territories and then manage it going forwards and grow sales in line with ROAS targets.

The Challenge

Durex were at the start of their journey so were in the process of launching their websites. They also wanted to launch across multiple territories including France, Germany and Spain. They wanted to launch quickly and get instant sales to help hit their revenue targets.

The Project

Durex Solution Overview

The project consisted of six main areas, each with its own particular challenge and all requiring agile and cost efficient planning.

  • Network selection and negotiation
  • Program set up
  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Launch campaign
  • Affiliate management
  • ROAS optimisation

Network Selection & Negotiation

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  • Produce a detailed RFP and list of requirements
  • Create list of core networks and make contact
  • Lead pitches with each network discussing clients requirements and each networks strengths
  • Summarise information vs the list of requirements
  • Create the commercial analysis
  • Agree with client on the recommended network
  • Negotiate with network and sign up

Program Set-up

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  • Agree on which European territories we'll be launching
  • Create the program and email content for each territory in their local language
  • Create and sign off commission structure and program settings
  • Set up each program for each territory
  • Request and upload all images for each territory
  • Collate and distribute sign up documentation for launch
  • Send tracking integration through to developers and assist with set up and testing
  • Send feed creation documentation through to developers and assist with set up and testing
  • Final full program testing per territory before go live

Affiliate Recruitment

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  • Investigate affiliates for each territory, creating a target list for key affiliates
  • Create communications for each affiliate in each territory
  • Source contact details for target affiliates
  • Build up relationships with target affiliates and get them onto the program
  • Promote programs through the networks channels to increase visibility in each territory
  • Find new affiliates and continue to increase our reach

Launch Campaign

Launch campaign
  • Create affiliate strategy and promotional calendar
  • Produce commercials and target results for launch promotion
  • Sign off promotion with client
  • Request banner and content creative per territory
  • Test promotion
  • Create promotion in network interface
  • Contact all affiliates (per territory) to get them sold into the promotion
  • Negotiate increased exposure with target affiliates
  • Weekly reporting and analysis at the end of the launch campaign

Affiliate Management

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  • Build up relationships with affiliates across all territories with regular contact
  • Syndicate out promotions, offers and deals to all affiliates
  • Work closely with target affiliates, negotiating exposure agreements and creating bespoke promotions and deals
  • Work with the client to create content for affiliates in each territory
  • Resolve affiliate queries and investigate manual commissions
  • Onboard new affiliates and continue to grow the program for all territories, investigating new opportunities

ROAS Optimisation

ROAS optimisation
  • Focus on driving up revenue
  • Work closely with target affiliates to gain an increase in exposure
  • Produce strong promotions with our client to help drive engagement
  • Use minimum basket spend promotions to increase basket value
  • Continue to add new affiliates and increase overall revenue


  • As a new channel, the revenue generated instantly added to the bottom line
  • Over 2,000 affiliates joined the programs
  • Over 3.5 million website sessions
  • Helped increase average basket value
  • Affiliate channel now a key revenue generator
  • Working with some of the largest affiliates in Europe
  • Affiliate channel continues to grow every year
  • Exceeded ROAS expectations
Amazing Results for D2C Store

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