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Direct-to-Consumer Shopify e-commerce store
with subscription engine for Direct Wines new Beer Store, Brew Republic.

Brewing with Ideas

Direct Wines approached CommerceCentric to provide a viewpoint on re-developing a D2C platform for their Brew Republic brand, a new startup within the group focused on craft beer subscriptions.

They were looking to leverage their “startup” working methods to run a lean business team that could be hands-on with its platform, agile, and self-sufficient.

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CommerceCentric Brew Republic

CommerceCentric Brew Republic

The Challenge

The new business was under pressure to go to market and begin trading as soon as possible. In addition, they needed to develop brand new subscription and gifting journeys that worked for both desktop and mobile users. All this needed to be delivered within a tight budget.

The Solution

The project consisted of three main areas, each with its particular challenge and all requiring agile and cost-efficient UX planning.

  • Subscriptions

  • Gifting

  • Shop

CommerceCentric Brew Republic

Solution Consulting

Subscription Page Layout

  • Above fold representation.

  • Minimising clicks to cart.

  • Seamless app integration (Bold).

  • Unique 3-step order process.

  • Emphasis on frictionless commerce.

  • Emphasis on subscription pack benefits.

  • Emphasis on brewer relationships.

  • Integration of shopper profile (target audience).

  • Mobile responsive layout.

  • Emphasis on subscriptions before gifts and shop items

  • Direct-to-cart from the subscriptions page.

  • Adherence to brand guidelines and user profile.

Product Catalog

  • Search/filtering optimisation

  • Simple category page layout

  • Attributes.

  • Navigation layout.

  • Customer review integration.


  • Prioritisation of gift subscriptions

  • Integration of a single gift idea from the Bottle Shop.

Additional Support

  • Leveraging CommerceCentric Marketing Expertise.

  • Analytics and SEO ready.

  • Aligning solutions with marketing objectives and platform capabilities.

  • Design a community-led solution.

CommerceCentric Brew Republic

Project Build and Testing

  • Agile delivery.

  • Design lead build.

  • Tight communication and interaction between both teams.

  • Daily standups.

  • Hands-on testing process.

  • Launch coordination.

Post Launch

  • CommerceCentric expertise in ongoing solution optimisation.

  • Revenue growth objectives.

  • Building brand loyalty among the Brew Republic community


  • Substantial uptake in shopper subscriptions.

  • Positive customer feedback on the new solution.

  • Launched the new store ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • The new solution achieved an exceptional shopper conversion rate.

  • Successfully coordinated go-live with launch marketing activities.

  • Huge customer interest in the launch led to a sales spike in the first week.

  • Presented customers with a cleaner and frictionless shopping experience.