Affiliate Marketing Survey Results

Affiliate Marketing Survey Results: Insights and Recommendations

01/07/2024 Written by CommerceCentric

In the ever-evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, affiliate marketing has emerged as a pivotal strategy to drive sales and increase brand visibility. To understand how D2C companies are leveraging affiliate marketing, we conducted a survey, and the results offer valuable insights into the current state of affiliate marketing in the industry.

Survey Highlights

Our survey revealed a variety of affiliate marketing implementations and their effectiveness across various D2C businesses. Here are the key findings: 


1. Stagnant Affiliate Programs: A significant 37% of companies have an affiliate marketing program in place but find it stagnating. These businesses are not actively optimising or expanding their affiliate efforts, leading to underwhelming performance and limited growth. 

2. Left Unmanaged: Approximately 33% of the respondents admitted that their affiliate programs are left unmanaged. This lack of oversight can lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and a decline in affiliate engagement and sales. 

3. Proactive Management: Only 6% of companies reported having a proactively managed affiliate program. These businesses are actively optimising their affiliate strategies, resulting in more robust performance and better ROI. 

4. Outsourced Management: About 4% of businesses have their affiliate marketing managed by a dedicated external agency. Outsourcing often brings expertise and specialised strategies that can significantly enhance program effectiveness. 

5. In-House Management: Interestingly, 12% of companies have affiliate marketing managed in-house by a dedicated team. While this approach allows for more direct control, it also requires substantial resources and expertise to maintain efficacy. 

Have affiliate marketing in place but it’s stagnating37%
Have affiliate marketing in place but just left it do it’s own thing33%
Have affiliate marketing in place and proactively managing it in house6%
Have affiliate marketing in place, it’s managed by an agency and it’s going well4%
Have affiliate marketing in place, it’s managed by an agency but not doing well12%
Don’t have affiliate marketing in place8%
 Analysis and Recommendations

Analysis and Recommendations

The survey highlights a critical gap in the effective management and optimisation of affiliate marketing programs among D2C businesses. Despite the recognised potential of affiliate marketing, many companies struggle to implement and manage these programs effectively. 


To address these challenges, consider the following recommendations: 


1. Invest in Proactive Management: Shifting from a passive to a proactive management approach can significantly enhance your affiliate program’s performance. Regularly reviewing and optimising your strategies, engaging with affiliates, and monitoring performance metrics are essential steps. 

2. Outsource to Experts: If in-house management is not feasible, outsourcing to a specialised affiliate marketing agency can bring the necessary expertise and resources. Agencies like ours offer tailored strategies, advanced tracking tools, and experienced professionals to ensure your affiliate program thrives. 

3. Dedicated In-House Teams: For those opting for in-house management, ensure that your team is well-equipped with the latest tools and knowledge. Continuous training and staying updated with industry trends are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. 

4. Regular Audits and Adjustments: Conduct regular audits of your affiliate program to identify areas of improvement. Adjust your strategies based on performance data and market trends to stay ahead of the competition. 

 Why Choose Our Affiliate Marketing Services

Why Choose Our Affiliate Marketing Services

At CommerceCentric, we specialise in providing top-tier affiliate marketing services tailored to the unique needs of D2C businesses. Our approach includes: 


- Customised Strategies: We develop personalised affiliate marketing strategies that align with your business goals and target audience. 

- Expert Management: Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your affiliate program is managed efficiently, with continuous optimisation for maximum ROI. 

- Advanced Analytics: We use cutting-edge tracking and analytics tools to monitor performance, providing you with detailed insights and actionable recommendations. 

- Comprehensive Support: From recruitment to engagement and performance tracking, we offer end-to-end support to ensure your affiliate program’s success. 

Affiliate marketing holds immense potential for D2C businesses, but it requires strategic management and optimisation. By addressing the common challenges highlighted in our survey and leveraging expert services, you can unlock new growth opportunities and achieve sustained success in your affiliate marketing efforts. 


For more information on how we can help you enhance your affiliate marketing program, contact us today!