How do I Migrate to Shopify?

20/12/2021 Written by CommerceCentric

Replatforming can feel like a huge undertaking with many hidden issues and complexity. CommerceCentric can take some of that burden having successfully migration many direct-to-consumer stores and wrangled legacy systems to work with Shopify.

Shopify D2C Replatforming Service

Full D2C Replatforming Service

We can take care of everything from Shopify setup, design and build to backend integration and content.

- Rebuild your direct-to-consumer store on Shopify.

- Migrate all content, copy and catalog

- Rebuild or replace your integrations

- Upgrade your D2C offering with rich new features.

Shopify D2C Design Replatforming Services

D2C Design Replatforming Services

Replatforming to Shopify provides a unique opportunity to enhance your existing design which can include:

- Replicating your existing design on a new custom Shopify theme.

- Switching to a standard Shopify theme with small customisations to support brand guidelines (fonts, colours, logos, icons, images etc).

- Full store redesign consultation and build including creation of a new custom theme

Shopify Product Catalog Migration Services

D2C Product Catalog Migration Services

- Base Shopify product catalogue setup and configuration.

- Export of existing product catalogue from current platform provider.

- Product catalogue optimisation and import into the Shopify platform

SEO Migration and Optimisation

SEO Shopify Replatforming Services

- Transfer SEO keywords to Shopify from your existing platform.

- Technical review of keyword setup and performance metrics.

- Optimisation of your existing SEO configuration

Shopify D2C Price List Migration

D2C Price List Migration

- Implementation of Inclusive/exclusive tax display requirements.

- Seamless integration of subscription product pricing tiers.

- Full implementation of existing product discounting strategy.

- Full migration of your existing price list structure.

- International currency display configuration.

Shopify D2C Storefront Marketing Configuration

D2C Storefront Marketing Configuration

- Transfer existing storefront marketing assets.

- Implement existing analytics accounts on Shopify.

- Shopify marketing offer setup (including bundles, discounts, upsells and cross-sells).