D2C Website Optimisation
D2C Website Optimisation

D2C Website Optimisation

D2C Website Optimisation

We help you understand how your D2C customers will interact with your store. We then recommend the optimal design, apps, and user journeys to deliver the most positive experiences that enhance your brand reputation. In addition we can empower your store with the needed analytics and SEO capabilities from launch.

Full UX Consultation

UX Consultation

We have an expert team of UX specialists at hand to build an optimised shopping experience for your brand. Shoppers who make a conscious decision to ‘buy direct’ often require a unique approach. At CommerceCentric we have a deep understanding of data driven D2C UX best practices. We can work closely with your stakeholders to review strategic requirements and map out an optimised customer UX flow. Key to this is a frictionless shopping experience, higher shopper conversion, profitability and repeat transactions.

Analytics Setup and Configuration

Analytics Setup and Configuration.

Accurate data collection and analysis is a critical component in the success of any D2C business operation. CommerceCentric’s team of certified analytics specialists have extensive experience designing and implementing GA/GTM strategies on the Shopify platform. We can take care of everything from GA/GTM account setup, configuration, custom code changes, testing, analysis and training.

Content Creation and Optimisation

Content Creation and Optimisation

Shoppers buying directly from brands expect an engaging and informative shopping experience. Central to this is quality content. Our team of copywriters have extensive experience producing D2C content tightly aligned with SEO best practices, site templates, product catalog requirements and individual shopper / industry needs.

Banner and Site Imagery Creation

D2C Banner and Site Imagery Creation

Banner and image creation for D2C ecommerce sites requires unique attention and focus as it is one of the most important interaction points between brands and customers. It is very important for D2C brands to present a polished image that instills trust, quality and excitement in the minds of shoppers. Here at CommerceCentric we have an excellent track record producing high quality D2C banners, images and icons for some of the world's biggest brands.

SEO Setup and Configuration

SEO Setup and Configuration.

Effective D2C SEO strategies can help customers reach brands directly based on their precise purchase motivations. Here at CommerceCentric we have an exceptional track record helping brands with SEO design and implementation. We can sit down with your key stakeholders to review your data and identify new opportunities for improvement. Alongside this we will also look at SEO performance data from your competitors and channel partners. Looking at both internal and external SEO data can then help us to determine an optimal keyword strategy based on industry led SEO best practices. Upon SEO strategy sign off by your stakeholders, CommerceCentric team can make SEO configurations directly on your store.

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