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Our Programmatic Display Service

CommerceCentric offers a complete programmatic display service from campaign management and optimization to reporting and analytics. We can help you create compelling messaging at all steps of the customer journey and win back customers you might have otherwise lost across web and mobile.

  • Expertise on all major ad servers and systems including Doubleclick DFP, Adtech, Emediate, Ad manager, Open X, AppNexus
  • Expertise on all major DSP/SSP platforms including AppNexus
  • Experience of brand awareness, retargeting and prospecting.
  • Creative optimisation and split testing
  • Site tagging and set up, testing and deployment
  • Campaign creation, monitoring and optimization
  • Full and transparent reporting with insight and analysis.
Programmatic Display Service

Why Choose Us?

Commercial Approach

CommerceCentric is dedicated to driving tangible, commercially viable results. We make your marketing budget work harder and deliver against your business goals

Programmatic Display: Commercial Approach

Data Driven

We focus on targeting the right audiences and continuous optimisation based on data from 1st and 3rd party sources. Our insight led approach means you get the most comprehensive approach across audiences and placements.

Programmatic Display: Data Driven

Aligned to Strategy

Our consultant led approach means we never lose sight of the bigger picture. We align all campaigns with your business objectives and make sure than all your marketing channels work in unison and complement each other for maximum return on investment.

Programmatic Display: Aligned to Strategy

Need More Info?

What is Programmatic Display?

Digital Display advertising has been around since the beginning of the internet with website owners charging advertisers for banners and messages to be displayed on their websites. For a long time this worked similarly to magazine advertising but as technology has improved the level of insight and then targeting available has increased. To the point now where advertising can be delivered to a specific audience or even individual thanks to advanced targeting. This is programmatic display.

What are the benefits?

Display marketing has much greater ability to convey brand messaging through rich content. It can also reach large numbers of people in a short amount of time. Thanks to advances in ad-tech plus CommerecCentric’s data driven approach we are now able to target customers who have shown affinity or behaviour associated with interest in your brand. This means more qualified traffic and increased conversion rates.

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