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Our Email Campaign Management Service

CommerceCentric consultants can provide strategy and services across:

  • Email and CRM Strategy
  • Email Campaign Planning
  • Email Campaign Tracking & Optimisation
  • Email Campaign Split Testing
  • Email Campaign Automation
  • Database Management
  • Audience Segmentation.
  • Behaviour Based Triggers
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
Email Campaign Management Service

Why Choose Us?

Data Driven

CommerceCentric is a data led consultancy and our approach to email marketing is no different. We take the time to understand your business at the strategic and micro data level to ensure we are delivering at all times. We constantly use data to optimise our campaigns but also to link key findings and insights into your wider digital strategy and audience profiling.

Email Campaign Management: Data Driven

Full Reporting & Optimisation

Measure, track and optimise is our mantra and we provide transparent reporting around everything we do to ensure you know exactly how your campaigns are working. Our commercial approach demands that we accurately trace every interaction to understand how we can improve.

Email Campaign Management: Full Reporting & Optimisation

Process Perfection

Process, process, process. We know that creating robust email processes and workflows are the key to success when it comes to email campaign management. At CommerceCentric our goal is always to create efficiency and agility.

Email Campaign Management: Process Perfection

Need More Info?

What is Email Campaign Management?

Email marketing has been around since the beginnings of the internet but few companies have developed beyond simplistic identification or targeting techniques. Email campaign management is all about increasing the efficiency of your email marketing efforts and creating real engagement with customers.

What are the benefits?

By increasing relevancy through managing workflows, automation and curating email user journeys you can improve your open, read and conversion rates significantly. CommerceCentric can turn your lacklustre email marketing into a key revenue driver and engagement point that provides rich data to your other marketing endeavours.

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