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Our Affiliate Management Service

We believe in getting into the detail and understanding your whole business to tailor your affiliate strategy to match your strategic goals. We analyse your business and build a best in class approach through:

  • Client Workshop.
  • Full Audit of Existing Activity & Competitor Analysis.
  • Network & Partner Selection.
  • Tracking Implementation & Analytics Integration.
  • Creative Development.
  • Ongoing Optimisation & Program Calendar.
Affiliate Management Service

Why Choose Us?

Network & Partner Agnostic

We analyse the entire market and work only for your business to select the right networks and affiliate partners that will deliver the results you need. We constantly optimise your program and look for ways to improve efficiency and profitability.

Affiliate Management: Network & Partner Agnostic

Build Direct Partnerships & Niche Audiences

Networks can give you reach but direct partnerships can unlock niche and new audiences you may never have been able to influence otherwise. We can help you connect directly with publishers for better placements, email campaigns and exclusive promotions. In addition, we can partner you with closed platforms the usual networks can’t reach.

Affiliate Management: Build Direct Partnerships & Niche Audiences

Full Reporting & Cost Optimisation

As you might expect we are a big fan of numbers and provide clear and transparent reporting with full explanations at a cadence that suits you. We are constantly looking to optimise campaigns and increase profitability while improving reach and brand awareness.

Affiliate Management: Full Reporting & Cost Optimisation

Multi-Market Experience

We have global experience in affiliate management and can launch or co-ordinate multiple networks and partners across all your territories.

Affiliate Management: Multi-Market Experience

Holistic Data Driven Approach

Affiliate marketing should never me managed as a silo and we work hard to integrate our work into your wider marketing campaigns and data collection. Whether you want to add affiliates to your DMP, use the data to build attribution models or build a single customer view, we can offer advice and support.

Affiliate Management: Holistic Data Driven Approach

Need More Info?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a publisher (usually a website) receives a commission for generating online actions (leads or sales) for an advertiser. This relationship can be direct or facilitated by an affiliate network who provide tracking technology to connect large numbers of publishers and advertisers together.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of affiliate marketing is you only pay commission on completed sales, making affiliate marketing a low risk, high reach marketing activity. In addition to this it amplifies your brand presence by placing your name on high volume or key niche sites across the web to create wider awareness. Through strong affiliate management this reach and return on investment can be further amplified by creating specific partner strategies, placements and optimisation.

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