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Our Marketing Automation Service

CommerceCentric consultants can provide services and strategy across:

  • Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Workflows
  • CRM and Engagement Automation
  • Data Analysis & Data Preparation
  • Behaviour Based Triggers
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing Modelling and Automation
Marketing Automation Service

Why Choose Us?

Commercial Approach

Automation is only worthwhile where it is going to improve your cost efficiencies and increase your revenues and that is why we take a commercial approach to marketing automation. We never waste your time or resources on anything that isn’t linked to your business goals.

Marketing Automation: Commercial Approach

Strategic Viewpoint

Our consultant led approach looks at your business holistically. This means we can link marketing automation to your wider strategy and ensure your digital activities work in unison. Using data from all of your business we can make sure you are taking the right course of action.

Marketing Automation: Strategic Viewpoint

Data Driven

We work with your information and systems to optimise and automate your workflows based on data and data led insights. Combined with our data analysis and modelling services this means we can be much more accurate in identifying exactly what you need to focus on.

Marketing Automation: Data Driven

Need More Info?

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a rapidly developing area of digital marketing which can be applied in numerous ways. At its core is the development of efficiency into activities that had previously been labour intensive or non-targetable due to volume. Marketing automation can be achieved through the application of workflow processes and increasingly software utilising large data sets.

What are the benefits?

Marketing automation means you can respond to customers actions in real time to deliver the information, messaging or offers they need at the right time in the right place. CommerceCentric can help you develop these capabilities to increase your agility and efficiency.

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