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Our Analytics Service

CommerceCentric consultants can provide services and strategy across:

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Analytics Audits & Health Checks
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Advanced Analytics Set-up
  • Tracking & Tag Management
  • Objective & Measurement Setting
  • Data Visualisation & Funnels
  • Advanced Data Analysis & Modelling.
  • Google, Adobe, Webtrends, Pixalate, Nielson & more
Analytics Service

Why Choose Us?

Commercial Approach

Our approach to analytics is always led from a commercial mindset to give you the insight you need to make good business decisions based on data you can trust. We make sure our work is aligned to your commercial needs and completely transparent.

Analytics: Commercial Approach

Strategic Viewpoint

We build an approach to analytics that matches your strategic vision of where you need to be. With our consultant led approach we can be sure to develop capabilities that can scale with your success and never leave you in a digital dead end.

Analytics: Strategic Viewpoint

Agnostic Approach

We have experience across multiple platforms and can work with your marketing technology stack and partners to gain the insight you need. We can also recommend an analytics and data approach that aligns with your business goals and budgets.

Analytics: Agnostic Approach

Need More Info?

What is Analytics?

Analytics is the collecting and organising of data to be able to find patterns and trends. It is essentially how you make sense of the data you collect via your digital landscape. At a basic level this usually takes the form of data from your website or store but can be from any relevant interaction. As technology has become more advanced and our need for data has increased so has the need for reliable analytics, data analysis and visualisation.

What are the benefits?

The only way to improve something is to measure it. Without analytics you can never be sure that you are taking the right course of action or providing customers with what they need. At CommerceCentric we believe your ability to understand your customers better than your competition is a key competitive advantage in an ever increasingly digital environment.

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